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Member Practice Update

  23 November 2016

Welcome to the Member Practice Update

This regular Member Practice Update is produced by NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove CCG, NHS South Worcestershire CCG and NHS Wyre Forest CCG for circulation in your practice, to provide you with essential guidance, information and useful support.

Your views and feedback are very much appreciated. If you have any comments, suggestions or contributions for inclusion in the Member Practice Bulletin, please e-mail ccgcomms@worcestershire.nhs.uk

In this issue:

  • No South Worcestershire CCG news
  • No Wyre Forest CCG news

Indemnity Statement

Health Education England has issued a statement regarding Clinical Student Indemnity while they are in GP placements.

Download it here

Acute DNAs


Following some recent IQSP visits we have received queries from some Practices in Worcestershire about the way in which WAHT are dealing with patients who DNA and also with regard to Practices having to re-refer patients because the first referral did not result in an appointment being sent to the patient.  

Commissioners have raised these issues with the Trust around their implementation of Patient Access Policy particularly for patients who DNA. The Patient Access Policy is currently being reviewed and the CCG have included all aspects of the national guidance “Improving how hospitals work with general practice – new requirements on hospitals in the NHS Standard Contract 2016/17”

The policy application was discussed at the Contract Management Board on the 4th August 2016 and following this the Acute Trust have agreed to respond to Practices directly with regard to any concerns they have, any such queries should be directed to heather.fleming@nhs.net. Please do not send specific patient details to the CCG as these would only be passed directly onto Heather to respond as outlined below.

The Acute Trust will provide the CCG with a report on what the issues are and what actions they have taken to address the problem once they have reviewed specific examples.

Annual E-Declaration

This is just a reminder that the 2016/17 GP annual practice declaration (eDEC) is now open to receive submissions until Friday 23 December 2016.

All practices are required to submit their eDEC through the primary care website: www.primarycare.nhs.uk as per the Assurance Management Framework Policy and Guidance. Most questions have been pre-populated with responses provided from last year’s declaration; the remainder 14 questions are either new or revised. Please check any of the pre-populated questions, as well as adding new information, prior to submission.

The Single Point of Access (SPA) For All Adult Mental Health Referrals For Worcestershire

All URGENT referrals for patients to be seen within 24 hours MUST be phoned through.

When URGENT is included on a routine referral SPA clinicians will no longer be contacting you to confirm the level of risk. Routine referrals are classed as those patients who DO NOT need to be seen within the next 24 hours.

SPA do not control waiting lists, they only allocate to services so unless the patient needs to be seen within 24 hours a routine referral should be made.

Updated Whistleblowing PC Policy

Speaking up about Concerns

Previous reports including ‘Freedom to Speak up’ showed that there is often not a clear process to protect staff who raise practice concerns, so guidance has been issued specifically for primary care.

We should all encourage openness and support staff who escalate concerns to improve quality and safety, and many of you will have practice policies to this effect.

This guidance requires you as a minimum to:

•    Encourage staff to raise concerns, and ensure they are familiar with this document
•    By September 2017 align your local policies to this guidance (an e-dec return will be required)
•    Ensure you have confirmed a named ‘Freedom to Speak Up Guardian’ (not an employer or line manager).

Friends and Family Test Monthly Data

Follow this link to access the Friends and Family Test report for September 2016.

The first worksheet displays submission patterns for last year and this year, for all practices. Using the drop down arrow in row 6 on the second worksheet ‘practice specific’ allows you to drill down to your own practice’s details.

Just a reminder to all Worcestershire practices that the FFT is a contractual requirement (Clause 16.7a of the GMS contract) and becomes a contractual issue if it isn’t submitted for a period of 3 months or more. Practices need to be aware that a non-submission is also picked up on NHS England’s performance framework dashboard. Practices are strongly encouraged to ask their patients to take part in the survey and to submit data every month. The original brief from the BMA is that “Submission closure is the twelfth working day after month end, so please ensure you have your data submitted before then.

Patient Online Programme


We are pleased to announce that across Worcestershire 79% of practices have registered 10% or more of their patients for online services to book appointments, order prescriptions or access records online.

Breakdown per CCG:

South Worcestershire - 84%

Wyre Forest - 82%

Redditch and Bromsgrove - 73%

Whilst this is a fantastic achievement, we still have a little way to go to achieve the national target of 100% of practices with 10% of patients registered before 31st March 2017. 

The adoption of these online services can support practices to refine their business processes, helping to reduce the administrative workload of practice staff in a variety of ways. These include:

•    An increase in patient safety, including fewer mistakes, duplications, complaints and erroneous drug doses.
•    A reduction in phone calls to practices due to an increase in the number of patients booking, cancelling and amending appointments online.
•    DNA’s; a decrease in waiting times for appointments by reducing the number of people who simply do not turn up for their appointment.

In addition to the above, the time released by such efficiencies will be available to support increased productivity and improvements to other aspects of care services, such as better quality reception services and a better experience for patients, particularly for those who still prefer to or need to use the telephone.

In the next few weeks or so the CCG will be contacting practices that fall below the 10% threshold to offer further support. 

For further information, please contact Clare Gibbs, Primary Care Data Quality Facilitator clare.gibbs@nhs.net, or click on the following link to access support materials for both patients and practice staff https://www.england.nhs.uk/ourwork/pe/patient-online

Prescribing Top Tips

Alimemazine Price Rise

Alimemazine is a sedating antihistamine licensed for the treatment of urticaria and pruritus. It is not a formulary drug and therefore prescribing is not supported in Worcestershire.

Additionally, the product is now extremely costly. Following discontinuation of the Vallergan® brand, over the last 18 months the NHS list price of alimemazine has increased as detailed below:





Alimemazine 10mg tablets (28)



Alimemazine  7.5mg/5ml oral solution (100ml)



Alimemazine 30mg/5ml oral solution (100ml)




In the 2 months to the end of September 2016 prescribing costs for all three Worcestershire CCGs are detailed below:





Alimemazine 10mg tabs







Alimemazine 7.5mg/5ml 100ml







Alimemazine 30mg/5ml  100ml














There are 111 patients throughout Worcestershire on current repeat courses of alimemazine and practices are encouraged to review these patients - a search can be found on EMIS in “Medicines Management Countywide – Top Tip Searches”. Requests to prescribe alimemazine should also be challenged and alternatives requested.

 A suitable possible alternative could be promethazine which is also licensed for urticaria and associated insomnia and can be used in children 2 years and above. The current list prices of the available presentations of promethazine are given below:



Promethazine tabs 10mg (56)


Promethazine tabs 25mg (56)


Promethazine 5mg/5ml oral solution(100ml)


If you have any suggestions for inclusion in the 'Top Tips' then please send them to Anne.kingham@worcestershire.nhs.uk

Infectious Conjunctivitis

An estimated 160,000 GP appointments could be freed up if schools stopped sending home children with infective conjunctivitis, according to the Royal College of General Practitioners.

The RCGP says that cases of conjunctivitis are unintentionally ‘clogging up’ the GP appointments system because some schools are refusing to admit children with the condition unless they have a prescription for antibiotics - leaving many other patients struggling to see their family doctor or practice nurse.

Download a promotional poster

Find out more Information

Strength & Balance Classes

Strength and balance classes are an exercise course for older people who have had a fall or feel unsteady on their feet. The aim of the classes is to improve their strength and balance, and also to help them feel more confident when you are out and about.

Download the leaflet

Download the referral form

Pre-periodic Review Stakeholder Event

Date: Friday 27th January 2017
Time: 09.30 am – 13.00 pm
Location: EE1107 (Cotswold B), St John’s Campus

Prior to the periodic review in March we are going to be holding a stakeholder event in January.

The aim of the event is to gather feedback from stakeholders about the quality, fitness for purpose and practice, of the programmes below:

- MSc Advancing Practice and pathways
- BSc Nursing Studies
- MSc Nursing Studies
- BSc Fundamentals in General Practice Nursing
- UAD Return to Nursing Practice
- PG Award Practice Certificate in Independent Prescribing


Please confirm your attendance to Lorien Adey

West Midlands Care Home Conference Event

The West Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative are pleased to be hosting the Regions first Care Home
Conference. This year’s title is:

“Reducing Harm in the Care Home”

Speakers confirmed so far with more to follow:

- Lesley Cruickshank, Quality Manager - PROSPER Project Essex County Council
- Trevor Dale, Managing Director Atrainability - Human Factors
- Isabelle Latham, Senior Lecturer - Organisational Culture in Care Homes
- Andy Bradley - Frameworks for Change

Find out more

To reserve a place or exhibit on this free conference please email Helen.Hunt@wmahsn.org

SpeakEasy NOW Newsletter

SpeakEasy Now's November 2016 Newsletter is out now, read it here.


Redditch & Bromsgrove Locality News:


Community of Practices Application

As practices will be aware from discussions at RBAF, we put forward an application on behalf of the Redditch and Bromsgrove Alliance to join the National Association of Primary Care's emerging Primary Care Home (PCH) Community of Practice.

Our application to join the Community of Practice has been accepted, and whilst we will not receive direct financial funding, the NAPC is delighted to be able to support us by providing an opportunity to:

  • Support and influence the ongoing development and spread of the PCH model
  • Access the emerging knowledge and learning developed by the existing 15 RTSs - informed in particular by the PCH evaluation being  undertaken in 2016/17 by the Nuffield Trust  - and other members of the Community of  Practice
  • Access learning and knowledge developed by the New Care Models Programme and NHS Confederation, supporting the local development of the PCH
  • Access direct support provided by the NAPC
  • Access NAPC's primary care and PCH networking events, helping sites to build their support networks, share learning with each other and raise the profile of their work across the system

As and when we know more about this exciting opportunity, we will inform practices through the usual forums.

RCGP Fellowship Awards

  RCGP Fellows
Congratulations to Gilly Cooper and Catherine McGregor, who have been awarded fellowships by RCGP.

South Worcestershire Locality News: 

No locality news.

Wyre Forest Locality News: 

No locality news.