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Member Practice Update

5 October 2016

Welcome to the Member Practice Update

This regular Member Practice Update is produced by NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove CCG, NHS South Worcestershire CCG and NHS Wyre Forest CCG for circulation in your practice, to provide you with essential guidance, information and useful support.

Your views and feedback are very much appreciated. If you have any comments, suggestions or contributions for inclusion in the Member Practice Bulletin, please e-mail ccgcomms@worcestershire.nhs.uk

In this issue:

  • No Redditch & Bromsgrove CCG news.

  • No South Worcestershire CCG news.
  • No Wyre Forest CCG news.

Worcestershire's 'Perfect Fortnight' 5th to 19th October 2016

As winter approaches the three Worcestershire CCGs are working in partnership with local health providers to adopt nationally recognised best practice in improving patient flow. Over a two week period from Wednesday 5th to Wednesday 19th October we aim to have a sustained impact upon patient experience, to standardise urgent care and improve patient flow.   

During the Perfect Fortnight there will be a focus on ensuring patients flow smoothly through the hospital, reducing delays and disruptions, with patients being cared for in the right place at the right time.

The Execs and senior managers, with support from clinicians, will be going ‘back to the floor’ during the initiative to help to reduce organisational boundaries, change behaviours, make better use of resources and ensure partners work better together to maximise patient flow in the longer term.

As part of the initiative there will be a focus on ambulatory care at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital site and you will likely be offered ambulatory care at GP triage.

A range of other ways of working across the system will be trialled throughout the fortnight to ensure maximum capacity and flow in the system:

  • There will be a dedicated Delayed Transfer of Care (DTOC) ward within the acute trust
  • The Patient Flow Centre will be open longer during the week and over the weekends
  • Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust will implement Trusted Assessor electronic referrals and eliminate the use of faxes
  • There will be improved intelligence on capacity and demand to inform quick decision making
  • Focused resources and momentum on patient discharges
  • Dedicated social worker input at points of the system to ensure speedy discharge 
  • The Patient Flow Centre will be undertaking “one phone call” and will be directly requesting Patient Transport Services
  • Maximising out of hours appointments with Primary Care patients direct referrals and promotion of the Health Care Professionals advice and referral telephone line
  • Enhanced Care team will be proactively supporting patient discharges from Pathway 1 at the earliest opportunity

During the Perfect Fortnight we want to remind you of the national ‘Stay Well this Winter’ communications campaign, which highlights the importance of people choosing the correct health service when they’re injured or unwell. Information about the range of NHS services can be found on the following website http://www.nhs.uk/staywell/ 

For more information about Perfect Fortnight speak to Mari Gay or Stuart Ide. Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust will be referring to Perfect Fortnight as ‘System Reset’.

We can confirm that the Go-Live date for the Black Pear EPaCCs (Electronic Palliative Care Co-ordination system) was Wednesday 28th September and this went ahead as planned. 

Worcester Well Connected EPaCCS developed by Black Pear and Advanced will allow you to record patients' preferences as they near end of life. The solution will automatically generate and email your ambulance form and automatically places information in Adastra for 111 and Out of Hours. Other health care professionals involved in the care of your patient outside of your practice, will be able to access and amend the patient's EPaCCS record. You will be notified of any changes made to a record. In addition to End of Life preferences there will also be the option to record generic special notes for any patient which will automatically drop into Adastra for use by 111 and OOH. 

For further information download the operational policy.

Please find below a link to some Instructions which will help get you started:


  • Username: your email address
  • Password: users will be sent an email from noreply@blackpear.com to set a password

Please note, credentials for users set up during pilot testing will remain the same.Should you have any queries or require support, please use the support button within the app or email support@blackpear.com.

Request for System User details per GP Practice:

Please can those GP Practices that have not sent in the contact details as per the instructions below get in touch and send the details over:

Please can you provide us with the details of the individuals at your GP Practice who will be using the Black Pear system.  Please send this information to the email address stated below in the following format: 

  • Email to: licensing@blackpear.com
  • Email message SUBJECT: “EPaCCS - <Practice code> and <Practice name> e.g. EPaCCS - M12345 The Surgery”
  • List each end user including the following details:

1) name (title, forenames, surname)
2) email address
3) level of permission (*full, read/write, read-only)

For example – Dr Fred Bloggs, f.bloggs@nhs.net

*Please note that full access rights will allow someone to create a record as well as amending an existing record.

Black Pear are undertaking this for your GP Practice this time, but there will be opportunity for you to do this yourselves in the GP practice next time (you will be able to maintain your own user details going forward).

If you have any queries with regard to supplying the above information, please email Tiff (Black Pear) licensing@blackpear.com.

Many thanks for your patience during this process.

The Ambulatory Emergency Care 

The Ambulatory Emergency Care (AEC) has been designed to provide same day urgent care with prompt senior nurse assessment, rapid medical consultant review and same day access to diagnostics all with the aim of safe same day discharge. All GP medical admissions to hospital will be considered as potential ambulatory patients, except when unsafe to do so.

More information will be available next week.

Reminder: Releasing Capacity and Fulfilling the Potential of Primary Care 9th November

9th November 2016 at the Chateau Impney Hotel, The Royal Suite – 9am - 4pm

Releasing Capacity and Fulfilling the Potential of Primary Care – Presented by the LMC, Redditch and Bromsgrove CCG, South Worcestershire CCG and Wyre Forest CCG.

The three Worcestershire CCGs in conjunction with the LMC would like to invite our practices to attend a countywide development day on Wednesday 9th November hosted by Dr Robert Varnam, Head of General Practice Development NHS England.  

The day will provide an opportunity to:

  • Share the latest national policy – GP Forward View and Multispecialty Community Provider Framework
  • Begin to explore what this means for General Practice
  • Learn from experience elsewhere 
  • Releasing capacity in General Practice in action.

Dr Sam Everington, Chair of NHS Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group, will be joining us to discuss the work being done in Tower Hamlets and the impact social prescribing has. The day will be followed by a post-workshop surgery with Dr Robert Varnam for a more personal discussion with those that would like to stay and speak with him.

We encourage practices to attend as it will be a very informative day. The agenda and sign up details will be sent out to practices shortly.

Reminder: Primary Care Leadership Programme - 10th October / 7th November

A reminder that there are still places remaining for the upcoming Primary Care Leadership events. The first event is only one week away! Please distribute the attached flyer to anyone you think would benefit from these events. Further information including the list of speakers can be found on the website: primarycareleaders.co.uk

A year ago CCG leads agreed that we needed to create something different to help support future leaders emerging in primary care.  In its first year the West Midlands CCG leadership programme had great feedback from our colleagues.  Building on this success we have developed two new and exciting events, and would like to invite you to attend.

For further information download promotional flyer

Workforce Planning Survey Questions and Answers - Extended Deadline 28th October

We have had some queries regarding the Workforce Survey sent to practices on the 20th September, we have published them here along with our responses for everyone’s information:

Q: Isn’t this data replicated in the NHSE Workforce Data Collection Tool?

A: We acknowledge there is some duplication of numbers but we are asking for additional information that is not supported in the NHSE tools. The detailed information on skills your practices possess, your thoughts on how you will manage future vacancies and why they are occurring will allow us to focus our planning on those areas which you feel will most greatly improve our workforce position.

It has also become even more apparent through the NHS Operational Planning and Contracting Guidance published last week, there will be a greater emphasis on workforce planning. As part of the GP Forward View we will be obliged to provide a general practice workforce strategy for the local area.  This will require us to know what our current position is and where our greatest areas of stress are. Additionally, we require workforce data to develop plans for addressing vacancies, design initiatives to attract, recruit and retain GPs and other clinical staff and to support the STP. It is clear that we need current, qualitative data that isn’t available through the NHS tool and we are depending on practices to support us by providing current, comprehensive data. Without it, we believe we will be moving forward with only a portion of the relevant information we need to properly plan for the future.

Q:  Why is the deadline set for 7 October?

A: We set this date as we felt the sooner we had the data, the more quickly we could begin identifying areas to focus on.  Equally, we  understand the pressure practices are under so with that in mind we have extended the date to 28 October to allow practices more time to complete the document.  

Q: Is it a breach of confidence to provide names of nursing staff, is this necessary if you just want to capture numbers?

A: Strictly speaking there is no need to have nurses specifically named it was just a way of identifying a nurse to their skill set.  We will not be publishing anything with names attached to it and as nurses are usually listed on practice websites we don’t see this as a breach of confidence. If you would prefer to use Nurse A, Nurse B etc. then that would be acceptable. We are just trying to determine the number of nurses, how many sessions/hours they work and what their specialties are.

Thank you to those practices that have completed the surveys, we are busy working with the data that has come in. We hope these answers are helpful and welcome any other questions you might have. Please feel free to contact Denise Horton at denise.horton@worcestershire.nhs.uk 

We are aware that practices are being asked to prescribe items such as fluoride tablets, toothpastes and mouthwashes that have been initiated or recommended by dental practitioners.

If a dentist deems that a medicine is needed to treat their patient’s dental condition, and they are able to prescribe or direct the patient to that medicine via an appropriate OTC route, then it is reasonable to expect the dentist to do so, rather than involve the GP. Some dental medicines require on-going monitoring and clinical assessment by the dentist, which is in keeping with the dentist retaining the responsibility for prescribing.  It is therefore inappropriate to ask a GP to take clinical responsibility for this prescribing and such requests should be refused.

GPs should also not accept requests from patients to issue FP10 prescriptions for items prescribed on a private prescription by their dentist during dental treatment as a private patient.

This does not affect a GPs ability to prescribe dental products where they are deemed to be an appropriate part of the care that the GP is providing for a patient. 

Over the last 12 months to the end of July 2016 the three Worcestershire CCGs spent the following on fluoride tablets, toothpastes and mouthwashes:















£4893.42 (64%)
of the total figure of £7642.61 was for Duraphat® toothpaste.

If you have any suggestions for inclusion in the 'Top Tips' then please send them to Anne.kingham@worcestershire.nhs.uk

Top Ten Guidelines for Paediatrics Survey

It has now been 6 months since we released the Top 10 Guidelines for Paediatrics. We hope that you have found them useful and easy to use. We would be really interested to hear your views on your experience with them and would be grateful for you spending 1-2 minutes completing a survey monkey questionnaire to provide us with feedback. 


Paediatric admissions remain a target for the CCG and with this in mind we look for your support in using the guidelines to promote best practice care and to help reduce hospital admissions where it is clinically appropriate.

Please note that the deadline for responses is the 28th October.

Jan Butterworth's Retirement

Jan Butterworth our Primary Care Project Director has retired, we wish her the best in all her future endeavours. Jan has always acted in the best interests of patients and never lost sight of who we work for.

Jan is looking forward to using her free time to travel with her husband, including spending more time with her son who lives in South Africa with his wife and their two young children.

Books On Prescriptions Service

Books on Prescription aims to help people with mild to moderate psychological problems such as anxiety and depression by using books which provide information and step-by-step self-help techniques. 

The books have been recommended by people who have used it previously and found it helpful. Evidence from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) confirms that self-help books can help people understand and manage common conditions.

New lists include:

  • General mental health
  • Pain management
  • Children and Adolescent Mental Health books for parents and children       
  • Dementia  
  • Carers     

If you would like a prescription pad or have any book  recommendations please contact:

For further details and full book lists see:

Public Health Newsletter - September 

Download this month's Public Health Newsletter

If you have any comments or anything you would like i
ncluded in the December edition, please email Deborah via dtillsley@worcestershire.gov.uk

Save the date: Minor Illnesses Module and Workshop 

The University of Worcester are currently reviewing their student numbers on the management of patients with minor illnesses module (level 6) and introduction to the management of patients with minor illnesses 5 day workshop.  

For more information download the promotional flyers below:

Introduction to the management of patients with Minor Illnesses 5 day workshop 2016

Primary Care Leaders

Save the date: Respiratory Education Event 3rd November

The Worcester Respiratory Education Network (WREN) group have now finalised the agenda for their respiratory event taking place on Thursday November 3rd at the Charles Hastings Education Centre between 3pm –7.30pm. Anyone with a respiratory interest or specialism is welcome to attend. 

Please download flyer for further details, including how to book your place.