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Member Practice Update

19 December 2018

Welcome to the Member Practice Update

This weekly Member Practice Update is produced by NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove, NHS South Worcestershire and NHS Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Groups for circulation in your practice, to provide you with essential guidance, information and useful support.

Your views and feedback are very much appreciated. If you have any comments, suggestions or contributions for inclusion in the Member Practice Bulletin, please e-mail the communications team.

In this issue:

Find out about local and national events and training here.

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  • No specific Wyre Forest news

Happy Holidays to all of you!

IQSP / LMC Events  

IQSP Study Day

09:00 – 17:00
Wednesday 16 January 2019
The Pear Tree Inn and Country Hotel at Smite
Worcester, WR3 8SY

Each practice has one reserved place that can be booked via Eventbrite. There will be a small number of spaces if any additional GPs would like to attend, these will be allocated on a 'first come first serve' basis, please contact the Primary Care Team to access these places. Please complete the Eventbrite booking form for further details and to secure your place here. Any addition enquiries regarding the event can be directed to Sally Everton.

Free LMC Seminar

14:00 – 17:00

Wednesday 23 January 2019
Charles Hastings Educational Centre
Worcestershire Royal Acute Hospital
We strongly recommend that every Practice sends at least their Practice Manager and one GP to this event. We are hoping that the long notice will enable most of you to attend. The event is by ticket only and you need to book your places by visiting: www.worcslmc.co.uk/training and clicking "event sign up"

GP Provider Board: Working at Scale in the Future

14:00 – 16:00
Thu 31 January 2019
The Pear Tree, Smite Lane
Worcester, WR3 8SY

The NHS will shortly be publishing its Long Term Plan and our understanding is that this will give the outline of funding plans for the NHS, but relevantly for us, details on general practice funding for Primary Care Networks (Alliances/localities). We should have visibility of this by the January meeting.

It will not have escaped you that our STP is moving towards a shadow ICS on 1 April 2019.

This means that resource flows into general practice and primary care will change and it will be necessary to make our case alongside partners from acute, mental health and community trusts.

Whilst it is essential that we preserve the strengths of GMS partnerships, we need to develop our ability to lead Primary Care Networks and also have a mandated voice for general practice at the top table of the emergent ICS.

Sign up here.

Dermatology: GPs with the Cardiff Diploma 

Dermatology will be a key programme of work for the Worcestershire CCGs during 2019/2020. The work programme aims to develop a sustainable Dermatology service, improving patient experience and outcomes. The intention is to enhance and refine the existing Dermatology service; ensuring patients are seen in the right care setting at the right time.

The CCGs wish to collate a list of all GPs that currently hold the Cardiff Diploma and of those with this qualification the CCG would like to understand how many GPs wish to participate in the future proposal for Dermatology Services.

The future proposal is based upon NHSE’s Elective Care Handbook for Dermatology, focussing on a 4 tier delivery model:

  1. Patient self-management (patient information, support, input from trained nurses, community pharmacists)
  2. Generalist care (managed by GP’s / specialist trained nurses)
  3. Specialist care (referral to a specialist where care cannot be managed in Primary Care settings i.e. Community service)
  4. Supra-specialist care (Acute service)

Therefore we ask those GPs with a Cardiff Diploma and those willing to be involved with Dermatology Services to please contact Keely Warr via email (Business Support Officer, Transformation & Delivery)

A list of GPs will be collated and GPs will be contacted with further information as and when information is available.

Update - v39 QOF searches in EMIS Web  

Following discussions with NHS Digital, EMIS are planning to amend the v39 QOF searches to reflect the changes outlined in the spread sheet sent to practices last week. This will rectify the mapping issues between Read and SNOMED meaning the figures shown in EMIS will be accurate.

Further details (including a list of the codes to be removed) can be found via the EMIS support centre.


There still appears to be a great deal of uncertainty around the impending migration to SNOMED, specifically in relation to practices understanding the level of additional work that will be required at local level to ensure transition is as smooth as possible. 

It is anticipated that EMIS will start the changeover using a phased rollout across the whole of England from April 2019. Timescales for Worcestershire have yet to be decided, however, it is advised that all practice staff familiarise themselves with SNOMED by accessing the resources available on the EMIS and NHS Digital resource centre. These include videos, eLearning tools and FAQ’s. EMIS have also developed the following list of Do’s and Don’ts to assist practices with managing their housekeeping in preparation for the change which is most likely to commence sometime during the summer.





If you keep historical claims searches, export the data and store in a folder of your choice. Searches cannot be archived. 

Copy QOF folders and run them manually every day.

Check, and delete where applicable, searches and folders for ex-staff.

Unnecessarily copy library folders.

Add a description to searches so that the purpose of the search and the status (e.g. in use) is clear.

Schedule searches on a daily/weekly basis unnecessarily.

Delete old searches that have not been run for 13 months.

Templates and protocols

Deactivate and/or archive old templates and protocols.

Keep imported or legacy items such as document templates which are not used.


Deactivate and/or archive old concepts.

Keep imported or legacy concepts which are not used.

EMIS are keen to stress that they are committed to supporting practices to manage this transition with minimal disruption and to reflect this will be offering local awareness sessions to discuss rollout in more detail. Dates will be published shortly.

GPFV – Online Consultation Pilot / Practice Manager Development 

Don’t forget the closing date for participation in the 12 month online consultation pilot is 28 December. Find out more here. James Harley can provide informal advice - James.Harley2@nhs.net. Let Sandra Hayward know which system you’ve chosen by 28 December.

Sandra will support you throughout this process in her role as Project Lead: Phone – 07818 015489 / Email – sandra.hayward1@nhs.net

Practice Manager Development

NHS England is offering practice managers in England coaching and mentoring sessions. Up to four 90-minute sessions will help identify goals and think through challenges. Places are limited and subject to a suitability assessment and first come first serve basis. The deadline is 21 January 2019. Please apply via this link. For any queries email england.gpdevelopment@nhs.net.

Medicines Commissioning News - December 2018 

The December issue of Medicines Commissioning News is now available, complete with a little extra Christmas cheer.

Download it here.

Worcestershire Cancer Services Involvement Group  

Worcestershire Cancer Services Involvement Group consists of patients, carers and professionals working in partnership to influence the delivery of high quality care and treatment for all cancer patients and their carers in Worcestershire.

What does the group do?

Personal experience of cancer gives a special understanding of what is important when providing good quality cancer care.
Listening to the views of patients, family and friends can be a powerful way of ensuring that the care and support provided is what people really want and need.

Interested in joining? Want more information?

Please contact your local Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centre on:

Worcester: 01905 733837 or 760764
Kidderminster: 01562 513273
Redditch: 01527 503030 ext 44238

Or email wah-tr.cancerservices@nhs.net

Download promotional materials here.

Children & Young People's Multiagency Urgent Care Pathway  

Worcestershire County Council has recently updated the Children and Young People's Multiagency Urgent Mental Health Care Pathway, this information was shared with practices through the recent IQSP visits.

Download the Pathway Here.

Referrals to Adult Speech and Language Therapy service  

From 1 January 2019, we will be taking referrals by email to the following address: Whcnhs.adultsltreferrals@nhs.net and will phase out acceptance of faxed referrals.

Teaching the Teachers: Skills for Healthcare Educators 2 day workshop 

This 2 day workshop will enhance and refresh your skills as a facilitator of the educational journey of others. All healthcare professionals are engaged in teaching, whether informally for patients or peers or more formally with junior colleagues.

Find out more.