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Member Practice Update

  27 June 2018

Welcome to the member practice update

This weekly Member Practice Update is produced by NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove, NHS South Worcestershire and NHS Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Groups for circulation in your practice, to provide you with essential guidance, information and useful support.

Your views and feedback are very much appreciated. If you have any comments, suggestions or contributions for inclusion in the Member Practice Bulletin, please e-mail the communications team.

In this issue:

Find out about local and national events and training here.


NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme – Codes to use in EMIS 

Access details of the new and current read codes for the NHS DPP here.

GP referrals for Echocardiograms and 24hr Tape requests at WRH  

Due to unforeseen circumstances Worcestershire Royal Cardiopulmonary Department is no longer able to receive faxed referrals for Echocardiograms or 24hr tapes. A new email inbox has been set up for urgent referrals which need to be actioned and they can be sent to  tr.cardiopulmonarygpreferral@nhs.net. The switchboard is working to disable the old fax number to prevent faxes being sent to it.

Urinalysis Guidelines  

Locally produced Urinalysis Guidelines have been developed to support the improved quality of care for older people living in care homes with a suspected Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), with a focuses on prevention, improving diagnosis and management. It has been distributed out to all care homes and Dom Care agencies last week.

Download the guidelines here.

‘The Right Move’ and launch of GP Connect App  

Worcestershire’s health and care organisations, including the CCGs, are joining forces on a new initiative which is anticipated will reduce A&E waiting times, avoid unnecessary hospital admissions and make sure that patients get the right treatment in the right place.

‘The Right Move’ is a two-week programme of activities beginning on Monday 2 July which brings together health and care professionals and senior managers from the NHS, County Council and private sector partners. It follows similar initiatives run in past years, for example the Perfect Week and the Multi-disciplinary Accelerated Discharge Events.

This initiative will focus on all stages of the journey a patient in need of urgent or emergency care might make, including GP appointments, out of hours care, 999 ambulance calls, going to A&E or a Minor Injuries Unit, admission to hospital and discharge home to rehabilitation or a nursing or care home.

The aim is to take a collective look at how patients flow through our local urgent care services and to identify sustainable ways to ensure patients receive the care they require in the most appropriate setting.

Building on the recent success of the launch of Consultant Connect (Telephone and Advice and Guidance system for GPs) to nine specialities across the Trust, GPs have expressed an interest in reciprocating the service by implementing GP Connect.  The roll out of this GP Connect will support a timely exchange of knowledge and expertise and allow Trust colleagues to discuss patients that they are considering for discharge and require a quick conversation with their GP to discuss any concerns or explore how this patient could be managed through Primary Care.  Initially Emergency Department Consultants across both Worcester Royal Hospital and the Alexandra Hospital have agreed to implement GP Connect with effect from Monday 2nd July, with a view to rolling out more widely in the future.

Consultant Connect have collated each practice’s emergency Bypass numbers (allowing someone to bypass the standard reception system) and are to be used only by fellow clinicians or during an emergency situation.

Please be aware of this change, commencing on 2nd July, and ensure that ALL staff know which telephone the Bypass number rings to (Practice Manager’s should be able to advise) and that if it does ring, that it should be answered as a priority. Calls made using this App will be logged to monitor uptake of the system and outcomes.

Should you require any further information on The Right Move, GP Connect or Consultant Connect, please contact:
Jane Gordijn, CCG Urgent Care Lead-Transformation on 07710 761928

Medicines Commissioning News  

This month's edition of Medicines Commissioning News is now available to download here.

Move to e-RS and the switch off of paper referrals at WAH    

In line with the national requirements the CCGs, in collaboration with WAHT and the LMC, have put plans in place for the transition to electronic referrals and the switch off of paper referrals. Please find below details with regard to the transitional process.

Creation of Worcestershire Healthy Minds Therapy Centres across the County   

Worcestershire Healthy Minds (WHM) plans to deliver its core business from 5 centralised therapy centres across Worcestershire (Redditch, Kidderminster, Worcester, Evesham & Malvern). Each therapy centre will have capacity to run large groups, offer digital therapies through reliable trust IT infrastructure and deliver 1:1 therapies in bookable clinic rooms. Dedicated group space will allow expansion of high volume therapy options in line with increasing access targets. Team leaders will be based in the therapy centres allowing them to monitor performance more closely.

Find out more about Healthy Minds.

Target UTI Leaflet  

PHE have finalised the development of a UTI information leaflet for older adults who have urinary symptoms or may be at risk of future UTIs. The leaflet may also be used during primary care consultations to facilitate dialogue between a patient and their GP on specific topics like treatment or safety netting. It is important that the leaflet is used as a tool to interact with patients, rather than as a ‘parting gift’. 

The UTI for older adults information leaflet can be found in the “leaflets to share with patients” section of the TARGET website

We are happy to receive feedback about how you have used or implemented this leaflet and any constructive comments on how it can be improved. Please contact the TARGET team via email at TARGETantibiotics@phe.gov.uk.

Infection Prevention Strategy 2018-21  

The final version of the Worcestershire Health and Social Care Infection Prevention Strategy is now available as agreed at the most recent HCAI Forum.  This was been developed by a health economy working group to support infection prevention across all settings and should be used in conjunction with your already existing Infection prevention plans. Specific innovations have been added to strengthen Worcestershire’s approach to Antimicrobial Stewardship, reducing Gram Negative Blood Stream Infections and IV Therapy. Please share as you feel appropriate.


Bewdley Medical Centre - Partnership Position

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Barn Close Surgery, Broadway - Maternity Locum GP

Find out more.

CHC Band 3 Admin (Deadline 03/07/18)

Find out more.

Locality Updates

Redditch and Bromsgrove

Annual Report and Accounts 2017/18  

The RBCCG Annual Report and Accounts are now available, access them here.

South Worcestershire

Annual Report and Accounts 2017/18 

The SWCCG Annual Report and Accounts are now available, access them here.

Wyre Forest

Annual Report and Accounts 2017/18  

The WFCCG Annual Report and Accounts are now available, access them here.

MAN v FAT Football  

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