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Member Practice Update

28 February 2018

Welcome to the member practice update

This weekly member practice update is produced by NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove, NHS South Worcestershire and NHS Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Groups for circulation in your practice, to provide you with essential guidance, information and useful support.

Your views and feedback are very much appreciated. If you have any comments, suggestions or contributions for inclusion in the Member Practice Bulletin, please e-mail the communications team.

In this issue:

Find out about local and national events and training here.

  • No Redditch and Bromsgrove specific news

  • No Wyre Forest specific news

Proposed Promoting Clinical Excellence Direction of Travel for 2018/19

The PCE presentation which will be discussed at all the forthcoming locality meetings starting with Droitwich and Ombersley on 28 February can be found here. It sets out the proposed direction of travel for PCE in the 2018/19 financial year.

Our aim is to have a signed contract in place with all practices to be in effect from 1 April 2018. You will see much of what is proposed is a continuation of PCE 2017/18. If we find that  for some reason we are unable to reach an agreement with practices by 1 April 2018 the existing funding and contract will be extended until we resolve the outstanding issues.

Three key clinical discussions have already taken place with the IQSP clinical leads, Governing Body Chairs and the LMC and at the suggestion of the LMC we are sharing the slides with practices prior to the locality meetings. There are still on-going discussions in relation to Slide 18, electronic transfer of prescriptions (EPS)\e-Repeat Dispensing (eRD), these requirements are proposed to support release of capacity, enabling practices to review and reduce prescribing waste. Alternative approaches to achieving the same outcomes are continuing.

We are asking practices to please take some time to read the presentation, and pass any questions or feedback to your GP or Practice Manager lead who attend the locality meetings or directly to the LMC who will be acting as a conduit between practices and the CCGs. The Consultation & Engagement process and timetable can be found on page 33, we look forward to seeing you at the monthly locality meetings for a face to face discussion on the proposals.

Updated suspected cancer two week wait referral forms- Upper GI and Urology  

Please find below EMIS compliant versions of the two week wait forms for Upper GI and Urology. The Upper GI is a new referral form, the Urology referral form is an updated version of the form released last summer, the Urology MDT have revised the text with regard to Haematuria.

Both forms are available for immediate use.

If Practices wish to have a full suite of the current versions of the two week wait forms please contact simon.gartland@nhs.net

Please also find below the current version of the Patient Information Leaflet for two week wait referrals.

Upper GI referral form 
Urology referral form
Patient information leaflet

Governing Body election update 

The nomination process concluded on Monday 19 February. In line with the CCG Constitutions, if the number of nominations equals the number of available places, individuals will be slotted in.The current position is therefore as follows:

Redditch and Bromsgrove CCG
Chair -  Dr Richard Davies
GB GP -  Dr Jonathan Leach

South Worcestershire CCG
Chair -  Dr Anthony Kelly
Governing Body GP -  Dr George Henry
Governing Body GP – Dr David Farmer

Wyre Forest CCG
Chair – Dr Clare Marley
Governing Body GPs - Three nominations were received for two available spaces and election is currently underway and is being managed by the LMC. Ballot papers were sent out to practices and must be returned by 5pm on Friday 2 March.

For any queries or if your practice has not received a ballot paper, please contact Lisa Siembab.

Simon Trickett to be appointed as joint AO for the Herefordshire and Worcestershire CCGs

Simon Trickett has been asked to take over as the Accountable Officer for Herefordshire CCG from May this year when Simon Hairsnape retires.

As the current Accountable Officer for NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove CCG, NHS South Worcestershire CCG and NHS Wyre Forest CCG, Simon will become the single joint Accountable Officer for the four Herefordshire and Worcestershire CCGs across the STP footprint.

This appointment does not signal any immediate management restructures or governance changes, and it is anticipated that Worcestershire will continue to run separately from Herefordshire for the foreseeable future with a real focus on place-based systems and taking forward the local integrated care work.

The new CCG Governing Body Committee in Common in Worcestershire will be implemented as planned on 1st April and there are no plans to include Herefordshire in that arrangement. However, the appointment does present us with the opportunity to work closer with Herefordshire when considering some of the bigger joint strategic decisions that will need to be taken as part of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership ‘footprint’. There are no current plans for any CCG mergers.

GPFV Transformation Funding 2017-2018 – summary of approved proposals to date

Since September 2017, groups of practices have been submitting proposals in line with the GPFV Transformation Fund guidance in order to release funding from the £1.50 per patient funding. As practices are aware, part of the £1.50 was top-sliced for Social Prescribing and Workforce, leaving £1.33 for practices to put forward transformation proposals. We have included a summary of all bids that have been received and approved to date, for your perusal. We will also upload the document on the GP portal with links to the copies of proposals.

For any groups of practices who have not yet submitted a proposal for remaining 2017-2018 funding, the next panel will be held 19 March, and proposals should be submitted by 15 March 2018 to sowoccg.worcestershireprimarycare@nhs.net.

Reminder – End of Year Assessment reports for GPFV Transformation Funding due 1 March

As part of this year’s £1.50 Transformation Funding, the final payment of 13p per patient based on successful achievement of your agreed plans is due to be paid in March 2018. You will have been sent a short template that has mostly been pre-completed for you to provide information regarding the progress of your plans to date.
A reminder, this report must be completed and returned to the sowoccg.worcestershireprimarycare@nhs.net e-mail address by 1 March 2018.
End of Year Assessment Reports will be reviewed and approved by the sub-group of the Executive Leadership Team (Transformation Fund Panel) and be:

  • Assessed and approved as having achieved the outcomes and measures of Transformation Fund requirements and final payment released.
  • Returned for more information or amendment.
When the End of Year Assessment Report is approved, final funding of £0.13p per head of registered patient will be released to practice groups by end of March 2018 (Practice Groups can decide if this should go to individual practices or  GP Federation to hold on their behalf)

Should you require any assistance with completing this template, or have any questions please contact the Primary Care Team via the generic e-mail account sowoccg.worcestershireprimarycare@nhs.net

Primary Care generic email account

As you'll see from the two articles above, there's a new generic email account for Primary Care (sowoccg.worcestershireprimarycare@nhs.net) – the old account will remain open for a short time to ensure we don’t miss anything but could we ask everyone to start using the new account as soon as possible please.  Any problems please let Sharonkendrick@nhs.net know.

Worcestershire Wellbeing Hub

The Worcestershire Wellbeing Hub is the community wellbeing element of the Worcestershire Healthy Minds service providing timely access to community and voluntary sector services for people living with mild or more common issues such as stress or low mood.

Patients aged 16+ can self-refer to The Wellbeing Hub which can then:

  • Book people onto community CBT based Moodmaster groups and other community wellbeing programmes
  • Provide information and signposting to a wide range of local support, including self-help, online and digital resources
  • And for those needing more support refer into Worcestershire Healthy Minds by booking screening for talking therapies.

For more information visit www.hacw.nhs.uk/our-services/healthy-minds/wellbeinghub/ or call 01905766124.

Third Next Appointment Collection from General Practices 

In October 2017, NHS England commissioned the North of England CSU to collect third next appointment data from each general practice to better understand waiting times and quantify the pressure general practice is under.

The data collected has been used to give an indication of the amount of time a patient would theoretically have waited for an appointment when the booking was made. A second collection has been commissioned for March 2018. We have been asked to make every practice aware that you will receive a call from the supporting call centre that lasts no longer than four minutes.

For any queries please email england.gpaccess@nhs.net

New online CD reporting tool 

An Online CD Reporting Tool is being rolled out by NHS England West Midlands Area Team. The tool was developed four years ago and has been steadily adopted by all Area Teams across England. Please view this letter from the CDAO - Chris Weiner and a Frequently Asked Questions sheet.
The Online CD Reporting Tool will be used to report CD incidents/concerns, CD destruction requests and self-declarations by dentists, pharmacists and General Practitioners.

The Online CD Reporting Tool will ensure there is a standardised approach across the area to reporting, recording and management of controlled drug concerns / incidents.

How to access the new online tool

All reporters of controlled drug concerns / incidents will need to register on the website from 1 of March 2018.  Registration is required on an individual basis and it is recommended you familiarise yourself with the tutorial videos that will be available on the website (www.cdreporting.co.uk) from mid-March 2018. Please select the West Midlands region when you register.

There are no limits to the number of people from the same organisation that can register or access the website and the majority of reporters use their email address as their username and then select a password that is easy to remember.

The service will be live from 1 April 2018. All concerns/incidents and CD destruction requests should be reported through the new online tool available at www.cdreporting.co.uk

Frailty Assessment Unit survey reminder

A reminder that the Frailty Assessment Unit survey is still available to complete, if you haven't already done so.

The survey is designed to help us to evaluate the service.

Access the survey here.

Please complete the survey by Friday 2 March.

Improving access to general practice: accelerating delivery to October 2018

The recently published Refreshing NHS Plans for 2018/19 requires all CCGs to provide extended access to general practice to their whole population by 1 October 2018. This must include ensuring access is available during peak times of demand, including bank holidays and across the Easter, Christmas and New Year periods.

NHS England is continuing its webinar series on general practice access to focus on accelerating delivery, looking at some of the key areas which CCGs will need to consider. The first webinar will take place on 6 March 2018 at 3.00pm and will be repeated on 7 March 2018 at 1.00pm.
As well as providing an overview from the national team, the webinars will include examples from existing extended access schemes and an opportunity to ask questions on a range of topics relating to implementation.

We are also hosting a number of subject specific webinars on inequalities and communications and engagement. Dates for these are as below, with further webinars to follow.

Communications and engagement:

Addressing inequalities in access:

Medicines Commissioning News 

The latest edition of Medicines Commissioning News is now available to read.

Access it here.

South Worcestershire News

Tenbury Neighbourhood Team - Launch of Single Point of Access

For the attention of Tenbury Surgery, Great Witley Surgery and Knightwick Surgery

Please view this update detailing more information about the launch of the Tenbury Neighbourhood Team - Single Point of Access, this update includes key numbers and opening times.