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Member Practice Update

13 December 2019

Welcome to the Member Practice Update

This weekly Member Practice Update is produced by NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove, NHS South Worcestershire and NHS Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Groups for circulation in your practice, to provide you with essential guidance, information and useful support.

Your views and feedback are very much appreciated. If you have any comments, suggestions or contributions for inclusion in the Member Practice Bulletin, please e-mail the communications team.

In this issue:

  1. FIT patient packs (Biochemistry, Pathology, WRH)
  2. Dermatology 2-Week Wait Referrals
  3. Flu Update
  4. Operation Panga - Courier Fraud offences 
  5. Prescribing Top Tip
  6. Primary Care IG Newsletter
  7. Safeguarding Sub-Bulletin 
  8. Pharmacy Bank Holiday Opening - Updated
  9. Job Vacancies 

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  • No Redditch & Bromsgrove news 
  • No South Worcestershire news


FIT patient packs (Biochemistry, Pathology, WRH)

The initial FIT patient packs (sent out March 2019) are due to expire at the end of Jan 2020. If you still have these in stock, please ensure they are used first, or, if they won’t be used by then, please could they be returned to the biochemistry laboratory on the routine sample transport asap. Please indicate that they are unused and which surgery they are from. Any questions, please email wah-tr.dutyBMS@nhs.net.

Dermatology 2-Week Wait Referrals

Following significant increases in the number of 2-week wait referrals for suspected Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC), we have been asked to remind practices of the pathways to ensure patients are referred to the appropriate service.

All suspected BCCs on critical sites (Eyelid margin, Nasal rim, Vermilion border of lip, External auditory meatus) should be referred through the 2-week wait pathway.

All BCCs more than 2cm in size, or above the clavicle, or recurrent should be referred via Choose and Book as ‘Routine’. Referrals will be triaged and prioritised as clinically appropriate.

BCCs less than 2cm and below the clavical should be referred via Community Provider

Flu Update

Flu Antivirals in Care Homes

Influenza vaccination remains the first-line intervention to prevent influenza and its complications. NICE guidance describes the benefits of antivirals for at risk patients arising from localised community outbreaks of influenza which have the potential to cause significant illness among exposed persons.

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Immunisation of 2/3 year olds before Christmas

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff once again for your continued efforts with the paediatric seasonal flu immunisation programme. We appreciate there has been a tremendous effort from colleagues to ensure eligible children are offered vaccine as quickly as possible, within the constraints of the nasal vaccine supply situation. 

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Operation Panga – Courier Fraud offences

I seek your assistance please to communicate an important message out to our communities to prevent elderly victims being “conned” by an ongoing series of fraud offences.

Operation Panga is the name attached to the Courier fraud offences and these offences have been ongoing for a couple of years with sporadic offences across the Force area at various stages.

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Prescribing Top Tip

This week's Prescribing Top Tip is regarding Medi Derma-S Cream/Barrier Film


Primary Care IG Newsletter

Christmas Edition:

This edition focuses on the following:

  • Training update and Primary Care Service Portal
  • The 12 Days of Christmas – a data themed take on the traditional 12 days of Christmas!
  • Publication Schemes for General Practice
  • ICO news round up
  • Penalty notices
  • Christmas wishes

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Safeguarding Sub-Bulletin

  • Reducing Parental Conflict
  • NEW Safeguarding Children Level 3 – new dates
  • County Lines Training
  • Adult Safeguarding: How To Be Green
  • Domestic Abuse Training by Sarah Wigley Associates
  • WHCT Policy on cancellations and sickness


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Pharmacy Bank Holiday Opening - Updated 

Please note updates to the Pharmacy Bank Holiday Opening times

Job Vacancies

Churchfields Surgery/ Catshill Village Surgery 

St John's Surgery 


Changes to Pregnancy Advisory & Abortion Services – REMINDER FOR WYRE FOREST GPs

Further to the newsletter in the MPU on 29th November 2019, this is a reminder that Marie Stopes International (MSI) will cease providing all abortion services in the West Midlands area as of 31st December 2019, for both early medical abortion (EMA) and surgical terminations. From next week patients should no longer be directed to Marie Stopes International.

The CCG has commissioned additional capacity, for surgical terminations, from BPAS in Birmingham / Dudley. With regard to EMA, additional capacity has been commissioned from the Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust, this extra capacity will accommodate the Wyre Forest population, as they previously used MSI for early medical abortions.

To facilitate the transition, from Monday 16th December 2019, the Worcestershire Health & Care Trust’s Pregnancy Advisory Service (PAS) will start to accept patients from Wyre Forest.

Wyre Forest Practices should direct any patients requiring abortion services to the Worcestershire Health and Care Trust PAS Team who will triage patients and book-in for EMAs, or refer on to surgical providers as necessary.   

Patients can self-refer by contacting the PAS service on 01905 681644or email whcnhs.worcesterpass@nhs.net.

Services for South Worcestershire CCG and Redditch & Bromsgrove CCG will continue to be provided by Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust.