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Member Practice Update

20 September 2019

Welcome to the Member Practice Update

This weekly Member Practice Update is produced by NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove, NHS South Worcestershire and NHS Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Groups for circulation in your practice, to provide you with essential guidance, information and useful support.

Your views and feedback are very much appreciated. If you have any comments, suggestions or contributions for inclusion in the Member Practice Bulletin, please e-mail the communications team.

In this issue: 

  1. GP Mentoring 
  2. General Practice Support Team 
  3. IQSP Programme - 2019/20
  4. Changes to Dermatology Services at The Royal Wolverhampton Hospital NHS Trust 
  5. Microsoft Windows 10 Licensing - Action for Practices 
  6. Duel Monitors 
  7. NHS App Update from NHS England and NHS Improvement 
  8. Helping GP Practices Get Ready for NHS 111 Bookings  
  9. UPDATED NHS Armed forces Community Healthcare Brief 
  10. Prescribing Top Tip 
  11. Event Invitation - 'Introducing ReSPECT in Worcestershire' 
  12. MJOG Training Dates Available 
  13. CANCELLED Children's Safeguarding Sessions 

Find out about local and national events and training here

  • No Redditch & Bromsgrove news 
  • No South Worcestershire News 

GP Mentoring 

The service can be used by any GP who would like to explore ways to develop themselves. This could be personally, professionally or within their career. The aim is to provide mentors to support GPs in fulfilling their potential, whether this is in practice or in other leadership positions. 

If you’d like a mentor, please email the Workforce Team on sowoccg.workforce@nhs.net.

General Practice Support Team

On behalf of NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire CCGs and LMCs

An Exciting opportunity to join Herefordshire and Worcestershire’s Primary Care Resilience Programme. Event details here with a flyer for your staff notice board.

IQSP Programme - 2019/20

Update regarding the IQSP Programme sent on behalf of Dr Geogre Henry

'Many thanks to everyone who joined the last round of IQSP/PCN meetings. As you know an evaluation of the programme is completed each year and a copy of the IQSP/PCN Summer report is now available on TeamNet’s IQSP Topic Page' 

Read more

Changes to Dermatology Services at The Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust

As the Host Commissioner, NHS Wolverhampton CCG have been going through a process with the Royal Wolverhampton Hospital NHS Trust (RWT) to change the scope of the acute Dermatology service that RWT will be commissioned to provide. In future, RWT, will only provide treatment for paediatrics and cancer, with all other cohorts of Dermatology patients to be managed in a community-based Dermatology service.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Licensing – Action for Practices

Like many NHS organisations, the offer of Microsoft Windows 10 licensing to 2023 had been taken up. In relation to the Windows 10 licensing opportunity, organisations must implement Advanced Threat Protection software, as referred at this link. The ATP software has been implemented to all Worcestershire practice sites by EGTON via the site based server infrastructure, therefore, to enable activation of the ATP software, each computer requires restart.

Please could we please ask practices to restart computers across their sites at a convenient time, prior to end of September 2019 so that scale of reporting from the ATP software to the national Data Security Centre can then be assessed. 

Duel Monitors

The CCG has funded the purchase of a stock of monitors that can be deployed to GP Practices for the purpose of duel working or to replace older or small (17” or less) monitors.

If you would like to request additional or replacement monitors, please contact Stephen Morgan, Project Coordinator, Midland and Lancashire CSU, Office: 01562 513029.

NHS App Update from NHS England and NHS Improvement

Promoting the NHS App to Patients and Staff

National plans for promoting the NHS App to patients have now changed, which means we are no longer expecting a national campaign to launch in September. Instead, materials will be delivered to GP practices in January to help them encourage their patients to sign up. If you would like to or have started to promote the app locally, please feel free to continue to do so but it is worth noting that the implementation team are noticing some issues with patients signing up or creating an NHS log in. This may mean your local teams receive more enquiries if patients are trying to sign up and failing, so please be mindful of that before promoting in your area. For more information on the NHS App, visit the NHS Digital website.

NHS App Ambassadors

We're looking for staff who are interested in becoming the face of the NHS App. 96% of people across England now have access to the NHS App and we are looking for around 10 ambassadors to front NHS Digital's campaign promoting the app to staff and patients. Now available to download on all IOS and Android devices, the app allows you to book appointments at your GP practice, request repeat prescriptions, view your medical records, set organ donation preferences and much more. Applications to find NHS App Ambassadors are now open to NHS staff from all professions, grades and backgrounds. For more information or to sign up, visit the NHS Digital website.

Helping GP Practices Get Ready for NHS 111 Bookings

Events will take place across the country to help GP practices implement the new NHS 111 booking system. As part of the GP contract, patients will soon be able to book some urgent appointments for in-hours GP services directly from NHS 111. This development has technical and financial implications for practices. At the events the new arrangements will be explored, including the changes practices may need to make. Delegates will also hear from the early adopters about the benefits of direct booking. The events are free and will take place in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and Manchester in October and November. Further information and booking details can be found online.


UPDATED NHS Armed Forces Community Healthcare Brief

Sent on behalf of Erica Albini, Clinical Accreditations Project Manager

For the attention of veteran friendly GP practices

Please find the updated one page NHS Armed Forces community healthcare brief, which we recommend that the clinical lead and practice staff read as part of the knowledge update on veterans’ healthcare.

Kind regards

Erica Albini
Clinical Accreditations Project Manager | Clinical Innovation and Research (CIRC)
Royal College of General Practitioners
30 Euston Square, London, NW1 2FB
Tel: 020 3188 7649

Prescribing Top Tip 

This week's Top Tip is regarding Atropine 1% UD eye drops

Event Invitation - 'Introducing ReSPECT in Worcestershire' 

Are you or a loved one living with a long-term illness?

Do you have a plan in place should you be unable to communicate your wishes?

The 'Introducing ReSPECT in Worcestershire' event aims to provide the public with an introduction to the ReSPECT form (Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment) which is a tool to record adult patients preferences for future care and CPR recommendations.

ReSPECT is a process that creates personalised recommendations for a person’s clinical care in a future emergency in which they are unable to make or express choices. The ReSPECT process is a new approach to encourage people to have an individual plan to try to ensure that they get the right care and treatment in an anticipated future emergency in which they no longer have the capacity to make or express choices.

This follows the cease of use of the yellow DNAR form which many people living with a illness or health condition, and/or carers will be aware of.

The ReSPECT process is intended to respect both patient preferences and clinical judgement.

At this event experts and local care providers will be in attendance to outline what ReSPECT is and isn’t, and the process by which members of the public can ensure their wishes are captured.

The event will also provide an opportunity for the public to talk directly to local clinicians and healthcare experts, to gain an insight into the form and how it works for patients, carers and health care professionals alike.

Click here to book your place

For further information please contact whcnhs.communications@nhs.net

Event details

Date: Thu, 26 September 2019
Time: 6:00pm – 7:45pm

St. Peter’s Baptist Church
Eden Close


MJOG Training Dates Available

Following positive feedback from previous training sessions, the CSU are offering further MJOG training sessions at Bewdley Medical Centre, Dog Lane, Bewdley DY12 2EF.

Monday 28th October, 10-12 & 1-3

To book a place please contact Steve Morgan Project Co-ordinator, Midland and Lancashire CSU, Office: 01562 513029 

CANCELLED Children's Safeguarding Sessions 

Please note the following Children's Safeguarding sessions are cancelled. 

10th Feb - Hollywood Medical Practice
6th April - Hume Street (Northumberland House)
8th June - Haresfield Surgery
10th August - Barnsley Hall 

Communication For Cervical Cancer Screening Programme – Wyre Forest

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, Cervical Screening programme will be implementing the change from Liquid Based Cytology (LBC) to High Risk Human Papilloma Virus (hrHPV) as of 21st October 2019. This is in line with NHS England’s Long-Term Plan to implement HPV primary screening for cervical cancer across England by 31st December 2019.

Read more

Job Vacancies please visit– https://www.primarycaretraininghub.co.uk/vacancies

GP Mentoring –  The service can be used by any GP who would like to explore ways to develop themselves. This could be personally, professionally or within their career. The aim is to provide mentors to support GPs in fulfilling their potential, whether this is in practice or in other leadership positions. If you’d like a mentor, please email the Workforce Team on sowoccg.workforce@nhs.net

GP Support Team –The CCGs and LMC have a well established GP Support Team in place, whose main focus is to respond to, and empower practices to make operational and team changes that directly and indirectly address challenges they are facing in the short to medium term. The GP Support Team can be accessed via the LMC or Sally Everton sally.everton@nhs.net at the CCGs.