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Member Practice Update

29 November 2019

Welcome to the Member Practice Update

This weekly Member Practice Update is produced by NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove, NHS South Worcestershire and NHS Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Groups for circulation in your practice, to provide you with essential guidance, information and useful support.

Your views and feedback are very much appreciated. If you have any comments, suggestions or contributions for inclusion in the Member Practice Bulletin, please e-mail the communications team.

In this issue:

  1. NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme
  2. Primary Care IG Service Portal
  3. Workforce Minimum Data Set (wMDS) - December 2019 extraction
  4. Prescribing Top Tip 
  5. Changes to Pregnancy Advisory & Abortion Services
  6. 111 Phone diversion 
  7. Public Health Newsletter
  8. New NHS clinic for FGM survivors in Birmingham 
  9. CQC Inspection course on Friday - 6th December 2019
  10. Practice Manager coaching and mentoring now available 
  11. Herefordshire and Worcestershire Primary Care Training Hub - Head of Service 


Find out about local and national events and training here

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  • No Wyre Forest news

NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

NHS England has been working with the Royal College of General Practitioners to develop an NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme e-learning module which has just launched on the RCGP learning platform: elearning.rcgp.org.uk/nhsdpp

The 30 minute e-module is aimed at GPs, Practice Nurses and other Practice staff. The content covers:

  • What NDH is,
  • What the NHS DPP is
  • How it works
  • Who is eligible

There are also some basics on motivational interviewing. The aim is to provide healthcare professionals with the tools and information they need to make quality referrals into the programme.

The course is free and CPD-accredited. It can be accessed by creating a free account on the RCGP Learning site. Please can you cascade onwards to those who may benefit from the module.

A reminder that practices are paid £7 per referral, where referrals are defined as numbers of patients who are motivated and consent to a referral being sent to the Healthier You programme.

We have received a reprint of the Patient Information sheet and these will be sent out to you over the next few days.

If you have any queries about the local Diabetes Prevention Programme in Herefordshire and Worcestershire please contact: diabetes.hw@nhs.net

Primary Care IG Service Portal

The Primary Care Service Portal is due to be launched shortly. The Primary Care Service Portal will use advanced technology to tailor solutions for your practice and will house a suite a documents, templates, DSPT evidence and newsletters for practice use. The Digital Innovation Team who have worked extremely hard to develop this system, are in the process of adding every practice across the MLCSU footprint to the system, along with practice ODS codes, to enable the generation of practice profiles. Each practice, upon registration, will be required to complete the mandatory fields to create a practice profile – this will then be stored in the system, and every time you require a document, once you download , it will populate your practice details throughout the document, providing you with the most efficient service, saving you precious time and resource.

Due to the enormity of the work involved, the CSU have had to slightly delay the launch out to practices, and it should be available to all by mid-December, although if it is ready sooner, you will be notified as soon as possible.

For any practices who have their IT systems provided by the MLCSU the IT evidence required for the Data Security and Protection Toolkit submissions will be uploaded onto the Portal and will enable you to populate the required assertions on the toolkit. As soon as the IT evidence is available it will be uploaded onto the toolkit and you can access the information from there.

If you have any queries in relation to the portal following this email, please do not hesitate to contact the Information Governance Service Hub on 01782 872648 or email mlcsu.ig@nhs.net.

Workforce Minimum Data Set (wMDS) – December 2019 extraction

The December extraction of the Workforce Minimum Data Set (WMDS) will capture data about your workforce as at 31 December 2019, including any absences, vacancies, long term and infrequent locums working at your practice between 1 October 2019 and 31 December 2019.
Completion of this data should be carried out using the National Workforce Reporting System (NWRS).
Please visit the NWRS information webpage, which includes further detail about the system and user guidance documents.
To support the next extraction, please make any necessary revisions to your practice records by midnight on 31 December 2019.

Prescribing Top Tip

Prescribing of Semaglutide (Ozempic®

Semaglutide (Ozempic®) has recently been approved by the Worcestershire APC as the product of choice in Worcestershire when a once weekly GLP-1 agonist is indicated. 

The product is available as 0.25mg, 0.5mg and 1mg pre-filled pens.

The SPC states that the starting dose is 0.25 mg once weekly. After 4 weeks the dose should be increased to 0.5 mg once weekly. After at least 4 weeks with a dose of 0.5 mg once weekly, the dose can be increased to 1 mg once weekly to further improve glycaemic control. 0.25mg is not considered a maintenance dose and weekly doses greater than 1mg are not recommended.

It is important to note that the semaglutide pens are multidose devices which will deliver four weekly doses. This makes them unique compared to other currently marketed GLP-1 pens which are all single dose devices.

A single semaglutide pen therefore represents a 4-week supply whilst a prescription for 4 pens represents a 16-week supply, a quantity that could result in wastage, especially if the patient is in the initial 0.25mg dose titration stage.

Practices are advised to search for patients with recent issues of semaglutide and Ozempic® and adjust quantities where applicable. An EMIS search entitled “High semaglutide pen quantity” can be used if needed to identify patients who received more than 2 pens on their most recent prescription issue. The search can be found on EMIS Enterprise at: Worcestershire PCT Search & Reports - Medicines Management Countywide – Top Tip Searches. 

If you have any suggestions for inclusion in the 'Top Tips' then please send them to akingham@nhs.net

Changes to Pregnancy Advisory & Abortion Services

Worcestershire Pregnancy Advisory Service has produced a newsletter covering changes to services in Worcestershire. There is also a new PAS referral form.

Download both documents here.

111 Phone diversion

It has come to light that some GP practices are automatically transferring patient calls to a Care UK “backdoor” number when the practice is closed. Care UK have not been providing the 111 service in the West Midlands since the 5th November 2019, which means that they are receiving transferred calls into their national network..

When your practice is closed, the correct process is to play a recorded message advising of this (which can include opening hours) but MUST also include the script  “please call NHS 111, that is 1 1 1, which is free to call from landlines and mobiles”

The caller should then be disconnected. This does not apply to “opted in” practices who may have local arrangements in place, with a different provider.

Calls should not be automatically routed to 111 or a “backdoor” number for several reasons:

  • The number “111” is free to call if dialled directly from a landline or a mobile but this is not always the case if it has been transferred from a GP practice automatically.
  •  Automatic diverts create problems such as the one described above with patients’ calls being handled incorrectly, out of area.
  • Using a “backdoor” direct dial number is unsafe, as if the provider has a problem with that number, there is a likelihood that calls may not get connected successfully, whereas dialling 111 directly, will always ensure a call gets answered

Please can you check that you have the appropriate messaging in place and also check that calls are NOT being automatically routed to 111 or any other number, when your practice is closed.

If you have any queries, please contact your CCG primary care lead in the first instance.

Public Health Newsletter

Issue 13 November 2019 now available here.

New NHS clinic for FGM survivors in Birmingham

Women from across the West Midlands who have survived female genital mutilation (FGM) are now able to access expert care, support and treatment thanks to a ‘one-stop shop’ support clinic in Birmingham.

Aimed at women over the age of 18 who are not pregnant, the clinic at Summerfield Primary Care Clinic in Heath Street, Winson Green is provided by Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust and will be led by nurses and midwives as well as specially-trained counsellors.

Birmingham has the highest rates of reported new cases of FGM. In Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG there were 310 cases in 2018/19, but the majority of women only come into contact with NHS services after they have fallen pregnant. The Birmingham clinic will prioritise swift support and treatment for women aged 18-25 before they fall pregnant, and also to women outside of childbearing years.

Contact details for the clinic are:
Telephone: Alison Byrne on 07989209483
Email: swbh.summerfieldfgm@nhs.net

Download a poster and a leaflet publicising the clinic. Amharic, Arabic, French and Somali versions of the leaflet are also available.

CQC Inspection course on Friday - 6th December 2019

This one-day workshop will help GPs and practice teams prepare for CQC inspection.

This is ideal for GPs, practice managers, practice leads and staff who are responsible for CQC preparation.
This highly interactive day consists of recent changes to the inspection process, including the introduction of a regulatory review, insight into how the CQC monitors, inspects and regulates NHS GP practices and provides practical tools and templates to help you prepare.
This course takes place at the 30 Euston Square.
You can find out more information and register for the event by visiting our website: Preparing for Your CQC Inspection.

Practice Manager coaching and mentoring now available

Fully funded one-to-one coaching and mentoring now available for Practice Managers. Sign up before the 4th December deadline

Following the success of the last coaching and mentoring programme, and significant positive feedback from those who took part, Practice Managers are once again being offered coaching and mentoring sessions as part of the programme funded by NHS England, to be taken between January and March 2020.

Three 90-minute, one-to-one, tailored sessions with a professional coach mentor are being offered to support Practice Managers to individually think through and progress challenges and opportunities important to them.

If you are a Practice Manager who would like something to be different for yourself, even if you are not exactly sure what it is, then coaching and mentoring is a powerful approach that will help you to work things through to make the changes that you want.

Places are limited and are offered in equal numbers for each NHSE region on a first-come first-served basis. Expressions of Interest are invited between 12th November and midnight on 4th December, so please click on the button below to register your interest.

Click here to register.

Herefordshire and Worcestershire Primary Care Training Hub – Head of Service

Right now primary care is undergoing significant changes with the development of Primary Care Networks and Herefordshire and Worcestershire training hub has an exciting opportunity to expand and evolve.

Find out more.